OMAHA, NE – We are in support of OURWalmart and we are standing in Solidarity with all striking Walmart workers! We believe in a living wage and fair treatment of all Walmart employees and well as retail workers around the nation!!

Don’t forget to check out the Strike ToolKit and read the helpful information.  It is every Associate’s right to go on strike to protest Walmart’s unlawful attempts to silence Associates who speak out.  Under federal law, Walmart cannot fire or otherwise retaliate against Associates who engage in a federally protected strike against these Unfair Labor Practices (ULPs).

Please sign up for the FaceBook Black Friday eventand help us show Solidarity and support for our fellow dedicated and underpaid Walmart workers who had to end their holiday early to go to work at 8pm Thanksgiving evening. We will be calling on WalMart to change and treat their workers better, raising their wages, and increasing their benefits as well as increasing their opportunities. In doing so we recognize corporate greed and the negative impact it places on underpaid workers and society as a whole.  It is long overdue that wages for the poor and the middle class catch up to those of our nation’s greedy CEO’s.

Raise Our Workers Pay!!!

Pay us enough to raise a family!


Hello Occupiers!!

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